Over the past several months we've been experencing a very random issue where Outlook loses users credentials, and then when loading Outlook it prompts for the password, but goes away so quickly you don't have a chance to enter the password. Most times it works itself out after a few days, but I don't get why this issue continues to happen.

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User Impact: Users may be unable to connect to the Exchange Online service when using the Outlook client. The workaround is to use Office online. We have few users report this issue as well. We don't want to leave it like this as customer might want to switch to 2FA in the future and this will cause problems.

I've been struggling with this for months! That's NOT a solution! I was on the right path to get it working but was missing the critical piece where the hosts need to be Hybrid Azure AD joined.

The moment the hosts showed up as Registered in Azure the "Need password" flickering authentication window issue changed to "Connected to: Microsoft Exchange"! I had a client that kept having this same issue, even after I did every thing you did.

What I found was going on is that she was logged into Outlook under one account and logged into OneDrive and other Office apps under another. Once I logged her out of the other account in OneDrive and the other apps and logged her back into those apps using the same account she used for Outlook the issue had resolved.

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Outlook says Need Password but the Box Disappears

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I have the same problem outlined in this forum thread - my Outlook shows the "Need Password" in the status bar:. But if I click it nothing happens, no dialog appears. If I click it a dialog briefly appears but then disappears. If I restart Outlook close then open it this fixes the problem for a time but then it appears again. I had the same problem, and given that I have a corporate PC, I cannot do anything requiring admin privileges.

A number of sources that deal with the issue follow. There are a few solutions proposed throughout, with a range of "upvotes". If so, remove it. Next time you open Outlook it should actually show the login dialog and try to connect. You might need to try to run an office repair as this issue is caused when the password across the Office suite is not sync'd.

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Alternatively you may try creating a new profile for Outlook as well. This can be achieved by typing mail 32 in the search box of the start menu. Click on New and then create a new profile.

outlook change password box disappears

See Microsoft article. I found removing the MS account would work for this sometimes but I also found another aspect that helps.

outlook change password box disappears

Manually removing the product key registered on the PC has fixed this for me after signing out from the O account. This varies based on version and 32 or 64 bit version of Office installed.The system needs the password to be entered.

Click on the "Need Password" option ribbon or task bar and Outlook very briefly launches a pop-up window which would normally allow the credentials input, but it disappears.

It's not there. We're current Office Outlook users, updates current, dual authentication active for the company. I would think this would be a credentials manager issue. System restart seems to fix it. But because it's happening across the company, I'm wondering if there's a known issue out there. We were seeing some internal Microsoft people running into a related issue and the workaround is the registry key. I would use the reg key to test and confirm if this is the issue or not. Longer term after the fix comes out you should remove the registry key.

The issue I am tracking for this is a Windows 10 bug and is scheduled to be fixed in the Windows 10 updates the 4th Tuesday of January Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. This thread is locked.

Outlook Password window disappears

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Gabriel Bratton Microsoft Agent.

Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply?MS Outlook is very easy to use and offers smooth performance, but at times due to errors and bugs, it does fail. One such error that might occur is the problem of Outlook continually prompting for a password. Outlook may fail to remember password due to corrupt profile.

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To resolve the corruption issue, create a new profile in Outlook. Step 1: Open Control Panellook for Mail and click on it.

Step 3: Now, select Outlook from the profile and click on the Add button to add a new Outlook profile. Step 5: In this step, set your Name, email address and password and click Next button. Step 6: Congratulations! Your new profile is ready. Click Finish and proceed to the final step. Step 7: Now, select the new profile, click Always use this profile and select the new profile from the drop-down list. Click Apply and OK. The slow or unstable network can lead to the loss of connection to the mail server due to which every time you are trying to connect, it is asking for credentials.

To solve this issue, you can try switching to a better connectivity environment and see if it solves your problem. The Antivirus program that you have installed in your system may be interfering with Outlook which could be the cause for this Outlook password prompt issue. In this case, you can try disabling the antivirus and see if it solves your problem.

Above manual methods will surely help you resolve Outlook password prompt errors. But what if you have forgotten or lost the password of your PST file and unable to recall it? For this problem, we have the easiest solution for you, i.

Fix: Outlook 2016 looping blank authentication box pop up problem.

With Outlook Password Recovery tool, you can recover, remove password from Outlook PST file and set new passwords in a matter of few clicks. The solutions mentioned here will solve the issue of password promptand the performance of Outlook will be improved. But, if at any point you feel that Outlook has stopped or you have lost all the data from your profile, consider a commercial solution such as Outlook PST Repair Software. Using this tool, you can get back your data instantly, and your work will not be hampered.

Thank you! You made my day by sharing this great post. I have Outlookand it keeps nagging for password. Your solution worked like a charm!

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Brilliant — thank you so much. After 4 days battling with this awful problem it is solved. You are a genious. Thank you for such an effective and informative article. It helped me to fix my Outlook password prompt errors. Your email address will not be published. Read More. Home Products Offers Contact. Why does Outlook keep prompting for password? There are several reasons why Outlook keeps prompting for a password: Outlook is configured to prompt for credentials Incorrect Outlook password stored by the Credential Manager Outlook profile is corrupt Bad network connection Antivirus programs causes Outlook errors When Outlook is configured to prompt for credentials When the User identification settings are enabled in Outlook configured with an Exchange accountit prompts continuously for login credentials.We can see the "Needs Password" prompt at the bottom of the Outlook screen, but when we click it the dialog box to enter the password flashes for less than a second before it disappears.

I had a similar issue with a hosted exchange. I would reset the user's password and they would log in and be able to use it but then would log out and would either get the waiting period you mentioned or it would keep asking for credentials. Reset the password, and then change it for the user via the hosted web console.

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Change to the new password via mail in the control panel. And then everything worked fine. I had a client that kept having this same issue, even after I've run repair, uninstalled and reinstalled, the issue just kept coming back. What I found was going on is that she was logged into Outlook under one account and logged into OneDrive and other Office apps under another.

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Once I logged her out of the other account in OneDrive and the other apps and logged her back into those apps using the same account she used for Outlook the issue had resolved.

Geekz, Inc. We had this problem earlier this week on one of our user's machines. Seems to have happened after the newest Office update, but only affected the one user so far.

Interestingly, and maybe not relevant - in this case when it runs the wizard to set up the new email address is defaults to the AD username, not the Office email address. I've seen that a few times and wondered why it happened, but not enough to care, maybe until now.

outlook change password box disappears

Usually password changes can take up to 24 hours to go through. Can you try either changing again or checking at a later time? Still won't connect to Office the right way. Applied autodiscovery registry hack.

Manually added Comcast DNS servers. Disabled IPv6. This is getting old. I'm working remotely. I'm tired. Next step is nuke and rebuild, but I can't do that from here, and I don't want to hear complaints in the morning.

Okay, so does it work on your computer instead of the users? That will take away the issue of rebuilding the PC. You tried deleting the Mail profile, right? Did you try deleting the User profile on the PC? That's a lot quicker than a rebuild.

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Hopefully, this works for you and this is the last time I hear back from the user. I have a feeling they will be calling in 30 days. Creating a new Windows user account fixed the problem for that case, and I haven't heard back after about 60 days.

Good luck! I had the exact same issue on a client system that also started on the same day. Saw the same Needs Password where it would normally say Connected to Exchange. Clicking on that brought up a window that immediately disappeared without seeing anything on it. The window that popped up was not the same size or position that the password dialogue would be. I tried creating him a new Outlook profile but it would not automatically configure his O account.

Went through a bunch of stuff with Microsoft support and finally ended up creating a new user profile.You are using Office and you turn on your PC and open Outlook but discover that Outlook requires a password.

The message "Need Password" is staring at you from the info bar at the bottom of the Outlook window. You click to try and input your password, but it quickly pops up then the password dialogue box disappears. So how do you fix it? I've used numerous different methods on various machines that worked, so I thought I'd document them here for you so you don't have to waste the time I did researching the issue.

I've also included some unconfirmed options for you to try based on advice from some colleagues that have had success with other approaches. Please note that these unconfirmed options are based on third party suggestions, rather than first hand experience.

Close Outlook down. Then open Word and and select a blank document. Close Word down. Now open Outlook and you should get the Username and Password prompts. Once done, reboot your PC. When your PC has rebooted open Outlook and all should be good with the world.

If it didn't work, ensure you remove the registry entry you created earlier and reboot again. If the Accounts section shows an error with the credentials, input the correct credentials. Once you've applied the correct credentials, open Outlook and things should be back to normal. If you've tried all the options above and none work, the final method is to nuke the users PC profile.

This is a drastic and destructive solution, but it definitely works because it creates a totally new and clean profile for the user. Please remember to backup the profile before you delete it, just in case. If you're not sure how to nuke a users profile a detailed explanation can be found here I have read but can't confirm that running system file checker to ensure there isn't any file corruption rectifies the issue.

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